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Consumers have already evaluated tasting qualities of vegetables, mushrooms and berries of “Shef Kuhar” (eng. — “Head-cook”). Yet, the constant longing for something new and delicious remains. TM “Rud” discerns such cooking requests of its consumers and has already prepared a wide range of new products for the season of  2007—2008. So, let us introduce some details, concerning first four positions that will appear in department stores and on the tables of frozen vegetables’ admirers in the nearest future.

We propose you to taste a new frying mix “Mexicanka” (Mexican). It includes: paprika, carrot, haricot beans, green peas, corn, selery and onion. Along with adding spices, this mixture becomes the real part of cooking culture of Southern countries. Richness of taste and variety of vegetables’ colors, which compose this product, make a taste interpretation of mood and appetite.

Second mixture, presented by “Shef Kuhar”, is “Hawaiian mix”. It represents an answer for consumers’ requests, who love vegetable-rice garnishes; apart from species, you may also add meat or fish. The ingredients of this mix are: blanched rice, green peas, corn and paprika.

Consumers, who like traditional Ukrainian food, are proposed “Selyans’ku Stravu” (eng. — “Country Meal”) by “Shef Kuhar”. This meal includes French fries, onion, carrot and mushrooms. Just add some species and in a few moments you will have a delicious dinner at your table!

The last mixture is the real cooking wonder in Italian style. Try it once and you will love it and treat all your friends. It is called “ Vegetables with macaroni and mushrooms”. Are you surprised’ Macaroni for frying? Try it! This product will stay in your fridge often. Except for macaroni, the mixture includes — mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, carrot and leek. This meal — is real Italian pasta that is served in small and quiet Italian restaurants. Mistress just needs to add some species and loveliest sauce to her taste — and the cooking masterpiece is on the table!

Taste with pleasure! It is easy and very tasty!

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