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Ice cream is often rumoured to bear no benefits to health and even be harmful. There are lots of misconceptions regarding ice cream that are sometimes reinforced by mass media. As a result, this tasty and rich product loved by many fell victim to many myths. Now the time has come to set the things straight.

Myth 1. Ice cream bears no health benefits

Actually, people with diabetes and those striving to lose weight still can eat ice cream — the most important thing here is to include it in a balanced nutrition plan.

In addition, it is really good for your health. Ice cream contains complete proteins, calcium, which strengthens human bones, and phosphorus, which our kidneys and muscles need. A lot of vitamins and dietary minerals are also there, including retinol, which boosts immune system.

Myth 2. Ice cream makes you only fatter

You can gain weight by binging on any fatty dairy product! Moderation is key in everything: it’s not just words, it’s a life philosophy.

Eating ice cream in moderation, one can hardly gain any weight. Furthermore, fruit and berry ice cream, sorbet or frozen juice are essentially fat-free. They contain either sugar syrup and fresh or dried berries and fruit or just fruit and berry ingredients. The caloric value of this ice cream is just a quarter of that of the same amount of sweets and cookies! The manufacturers also indicate the caloric value of their products on the packaging, which helps control one’s diet and weight a lot.

Myth 3. The best high-quality ice cream is made from cream rather than of milk

Production engineers say no one can tell the taste of milk from that of cream in an ice cream.

However, cream is just a fatty dairy product. For example, rich ice cream must have fat content of 12–15%. And that fat can come from cream as much as from butter, free-of-liquid milk fat etc.—anything goes as long as the ice cream complies with national quality standards.

Myth 4. Ice can cause tooth cavities

Allegedly, this is proven by an unpleasant cold feeling on teeth when eating ice cream. However, this is only a sign of existing dental problems. Ice cream cannot cause dental decay because you swallow it immediately—it just doesn’t stay on your teeth long enough. Sticky sweets and candies are much more dangerous in this regard.

Myth 5. Ice cream cannot be stored for years

In Ukraine, we believe that ice cream can be stored for a year, not more. In Europe, however, international standards allow storage for up to 2 years in closed refrigerators and under appropriate temperature.

Myth 6. Ice Cream is bad for your stomach

In fact, scientists have proved something quite opposite. This cold and tasty product appears to be a good remedy in case of stomach and abdomen bleeding.

Ice cream is also a good way to treat nose bleeding which often happens in a hot summer. Just swallow a couple of pieces of this dessert, and the bleeding will stop. Eating ice cream also is beneficial for blood pressure.

Myth 7. Ice cream is a no-go if you are pregnant

This is just untrue. Actually, ice cream is good during pregnancy—it is made of milk and contains calcium after all. One portion of ice cream is sure not enough to cover a day’s need in this element, but this dessert is not just permitted—it is a must!

Myth 8. Ice cream is bad for immunity

Immunity is an integral system in human body and should be considered as such. Ice cream contains nothing that would suppress immunity.

In essence, this dessert is just milk, some sugar, juice, water, and fruit. We eat all these every day and, therefore, it is ridiculous to believe that this combination of products would damage one’s immunity.

Myth 9. Ice cream has no effect on mood

Classical rich and creamy ice creams contain L-tryptophan amino acid—a natural tranquilliser, that helps to settle one’s nerves and strengthen immunity. Although it is difficult to preserve this amino acid in a ready-to-use product, freezing helps. This is why L-tryptophan is retained in ice cream. Tasty scoops of this dessert boost generation of serotonin—the hormone of joy! Eating ice cream will make you happy and bring positive emotions. Forget stress!

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