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Healthy eating style is gaining momentum. And our company Rud is 100% for everything that is trendy and useful!

So, while bloggers and celebrities order healthy food delivery, we have made the trendy Frenzy smoothie you can buy at a supermarket!

Healthy Energy Max 

Frenzy smoothie — is a natural product made of fruit, berries and greens mashed to a squash texture and frozen. It contains no preservatives, artificial colours, flavour enhancers, and — it’s important for healthy food — sugar. Frenzy smoothie — is exceptionally natural and useful!

Flash freezing helped us to completely preserve this advantage. It’s a modern technology of very rapid product freezing to the lowest possible temperature. In such conditions fruit preserve all vitamins they contain. For they have — lots of them. To amplify the good, we pick fruit and berries at the best ripening time. They have the most useful substances. 

Comfortable & Modern Format

In a blink of an eye, Frenzy smoothie turns into a popular, healthy breakfast or midday meal without efforts.

In this way, we do not just support those who want to eat healthy, but take care of their most valuable resource—time. With Frenzy smoothie, you do not need to wash and cut fruit, blend them, and then wash a blender off residues. The time you save may be spent on other important and pleasant matters.

With easy-to-use and healthy Frenzy smoothie you can manage to do more while eating delicious, and most importantly, healthy food!

Perfect Combinations in Right Proportions

To make the most useful and nutritious smoothie, one should know which fruit, berries or greens to combine. And combining them in right proportions — will make the product also delicious.

We have followed all the Frenzy smoothie production rules and created three products, perfectly balanced by composition and taste:

  • Spinach–Pear–Banana
  • Mango–Peach–Banana
  • Blueberry–Banana–Blackberry

Enjoy these real fruits in a modern format any season!

Step-by-Step Instruction

We have tried to ensure that you will enjoy not just eating Frenzy smoothie, but also preparing it. The whole process comprises four simple steps, which takes a few minutes.

Step One — Super Easy

We have tried to ensure that you will enjoy not just eating Frenzy smoothie, but also preparing it. The whole process comprises four simple steps, which takes a few minutes.

Step Two — Most Difficult

Cut the stick and put the fruit and berry mixture into a glass.

Step Three — Most Exiting

Pour base yoghurt or kefir into a colourful squash and actively stir it, watching the ingredients combine in a light coloured mass.

P. S. Our smoothies are good for Instagram!

Step Four — Most Pleasant

Drink a delicious smoothie — and feel how healthy energy of ripe fruit and berries fill your body with every sip!

Watch the Frenzy smoothie preparation process in detail on Rud’s official YouTube channel:

Frenzy Smoothie Consumption Rules

Despite a liquid texture, thinking that smoothie — is a beverage would be a mistake. It’s — a full-fledged nutritious food, which, by the way, is better to eat separately.

You will get the most use of smoothie if you eat it in the morning for breakfast. It’s the best time for our body to assimilate vitamins. After 90–120 minutes you can eat hearty fare. Smoothie on a snack break will sate your hunger.

However, don’t drink smoothie after main meal. It’s better to enjoy it two hours later to enhance the effect.

We recommend to eat Spinach–Pear–Banana and Mango–Peach–Banana Frenzysmoothiesduring the day until 4:00 p.m. At this time of day turnover rate is high, therefore our body assimilates a large amount of fructose. Leave Blueberry–Banana–Blackberry smoothiefor the evening.

If you are an advocate of healthy diet, smoothie — is a must-eat food for you.

Are you not? A glass of Frenzy smoothie every day — is an easy way to make the first step towards healthy lifestyle!

Those who have already got used to it share these and other healthy secrets in the contest with the hashtag #MyFrenzyDay. Keep up to date on Instagram page of the healthiest brand and join us!

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