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«Potato & Pan-fried Onion Dumplings» Products
Frozen ready-to-cook food, 900 g

Potato & Pan-fried Onion Dumplings

The real epitome of potato-liking traditions of the Ukrainian national cuisine…naturally this is about potato dumplings! Potatoes and pan-fried onions wrapped by a delicate paste made under stress-free sheeting technology, which just melt in mouth. Fancy that! By the way, such dumplings are stuffed only with potatoes of special race grown in Ukraine!


Total protein
4.7 g
Total fat
0.6 g
Total carbohydrate
32.7 g
Energy value / Calories
155.17 kcal (648.62 kJ)

Packing structure

Barcode 4820196520139
Weight (g) 900
Quantity (pcs.) 14
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