Raspberry ice cream cake recipe

Raspberry ice cream cake recipe



Raspberry ice cream cake is an exquisite combination of tender creamy ice cream and fragrant raspberries with a crunchy shortbread cookie base. A great option when you want to challenge traditional desserts and cook something unusual! In addition to being light and perfectly refreshing, this dessert looks magnificent: your favourite berries on a snow-white ice cream pillow create an incredibly appetising contrast of colours.

Use fresh raspberries to make the cake. And in the off-season, try the vitamin-rich ready-made mix by Rud™. We have already mashed juicy raspberries and oranges with sugar, so all you have to do is mix them with ice cream and place them on a cookie or sponge cake. The cake will turn out delicate, with a pleasant airy texture and a bright citrus note.

Surprise your loved ones with this delicious treat, and they will be grateful to you for such a culinary delight.

Delicate Raspberry Ice Cream Cake

Get the finished cake out of the freezer 15 minutes before serving. This way, the ice cream will have time to melt a little, and the berries will better reveal their flavour.

Easy Dinner


Shortbread cookies 400 g
Khutorok Selianskyi Butter by Rud™ 170 g
Raspberries/Oranges grated with sugar 300 g
Eskimos Ice Cream by Rud™ 750 g
Fresh or frozen berries for decoration
Vanilla sugar 2 g
Ice Cream weight
“The Eslimos”
Dairy butter
“Khutorok Selyans’kiy”
Frozen & chilled products berries
Raspberry&Orange ground with sugar
Delicate Raspberry Ice Cream Cake

Steps to Make It

1. Grind cookies, mix them with softened butter and place in a baking mould with high removable sides.

2. Put ice cream in a deep bowl and leave it for 10-15 minutes at room temperature.

3. Add Raspberries/Oranges grated with sugar to ice cream and mix them with a blender. Put the mixture in the refrigerator to set for half an hour.

4. Spread the mixture on a cookie cake, level the surface. Put it in the freezer for final freezing.

5. Remove the cake from the mould and decorate it with whole berries, either fresh or frozen.

Get yourself a piece and enjoy!

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