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The information on ice cream which needs to be known!


Mass media has been revealing lots of information on stabilizers and emulsifiers lately, which contradicts sometimes and misleads the end user of food products and ice cream in particular.

Stabilizers are substances that assist in support of an invariable physical and chemical condition of food product.

Let's examine stabilizers that are met on the label more often.

Alginate (Е401) - is an extract of brown algaes, polysaccharides.

Carboxylmethylcellulose (Е469) - also known as cellulose gum - is the cellulose exuded from a vegetative material.

Caraginan (Е407) - is received from an extract of red seaweed (the Irish moss), and other kinds of seaweed from coastal regions of Chile, Philippines, Canada, the USA, France, Spain, Ireland.

Guar gum (Е412) - is extracted from Cyamoposis tetragonolba bushes of bean family, which are grown up in India and Pakistan.

Carob bean gum (Е410) - which is also named carobin, - is received from Ceratonia siliqua beans, which grow basically in the Mediterranean.

Among permitted emulsifiers, it is necessary to note Е471 (mono-and diglycerides of fat acids) which are received as a result of partial hydrolysis of animal fats and brown seaweeds, and also emulsifier antioxidant Е322 (lecithin) - is more often used at glaze manufacturing.

Informed means armed! Therefore, owning the given information, you may safely purchase a portion of ice cream, besides ice cream usefulness was not taken over!

What is so useful?

Ice cream is considered a calcium source. You will not force each child to drink a glass of milk, as to ice cream - children will eat it with great pleasure, thereby will fill up the ration with dairy products, essential for an organism.

In all products on a dairy basis, the dairy fat is useful for eyes and skin, A, B, D, Е and Р, proteins, carbohydrates, mineral substances: phosphorus for bones and growth, magnesium, potassium, sodium and iron. High nutritional value is typical for ice cream, and organism of a healthy child, perfectly digesting this useful product, will quickly fill up energy storage. Besides, ice cream does not only strengthen bone tissue, reduce blood pressure, raise immunity and activate neural performance. Milk, the key component of ice cream, contains L-tryptophan that allays nervous system and helps to overcome pressure and even sleeplessness.

Ice cream is useful for those, who have inclination to angina, acute sore throat, after tonsillectomy, stomatitis and other inflammatory processes of a mouth. When any meal is impossible or painful, doctors usually recommend ice cream to patients. Cold and tender, it does not irritate throat and mouth.

Ice cream is a deep-frost product. At such critically low temperatures no bacteria survive. Moreover, before freezing, ice cream mix is cooked (pasteurized) at temperature 80-90 °С.

Also it is necessary to notice, that ice cream - is one of few products without preservatives, there is no need in them - because of low-temperature production and storage conditions! According to British scientists, ice cream stimulates generation by an organism an especial substance serotonin (a so-called hormone of happiness), which is capable to protect us from stress and to improve mood.

The information on ice cream components will give possibility to understand its production features. After all, there are not many experts who are able to give complex characteristic of stabilizers. And in sensations' pursuit, mass-media ambiguously approach to the information they announce.

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