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In the most of Western countries ice cream is a seasonal product. In the USA, its consumption in hot months increases by only 15—20%. Americans buy ice cream the whole year. For the most it means not just a dessert, but the main course for dinner, supper or breakfast. As a result, about 17—25 kilos of ice cream fall at one American citizen.

There is no surprise that Americans consume half of all ice cream in the world.

The first and main fact — is that an ice cream in the USA is really delicious.

The second fact — Americans have introduced a 1.22 l packing as a main standard, which presumes frequent family consumption. One family member wishes an ice cream and incites others to buy it. Family ice cream consumption for dinner every other day is a normal occurrence in the family, I have visited. Even kids eat ice cream not the “childly” way.

In freezer (of a rather huge size), apart from common products intended for freezing, were always present two kinds of ice cream by 1.22 l. But, in order to introduce such standard, one must be sure that the freezer of potential clients has enough space to store it.


Price for a certain ice cream kind either with filling stuff or without it — remains the same. Everything is simple in America. If it deals with price — than it will the fixed one. If you take consumers in with price, they will not stay tolerant to your trade mark. Moreover, fixed price, for sure, is at ease in deliveries and payments.

For example, the price for 1.22 l ice cream of popular trade mark Tillamook in the USA (the average price segment, though producer relates itself to premium class) — $4.72 (about 23.6 hrn.), including taxes and supermarket discount ($1.7). Though, the producer’s reference price is $6.52, including taxes (9%).


In the USA the ice cream assortment has a wide range. Apart from traditional tastes for Ukrainian consumers, there are present the following kinds of ice cream:

  • banana Split;
  • chocolate;
  • black walnut;
  • caramel;
  • cheesecake;
  • praline;
  • with biscuits;
  • vanilla;
  • peach;
  • pistachio;
  • white licorice;
  • fruit (strawberry, cherry, blackberry and so on).

If we take the types of ice cream mentioned above, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla are the most popular among Americans. These ice cream tastes are traditional and the most consumable in the USA.

Coming to the store, Americans do not limit themselves to ice cream purchase only. Along with ice cream rows, one may find fruit and chocolate syrups, cream, fondants and others supplements on the stalls. Here you may also find special spoons and forms. These and all other things help to make ice cream tastier, and its consumption — more interesting.

September 10th, 2007

Sergiy Kozlov,
Creative director of AA “Reklamne Dzherelo
Seattle, USA.
For TM “Rud” Zhytomir Dairy Factory.

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