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Ice cream is a tasty and healthy dessert that is loved by both adults and kids. Its popularity is growing rapidly at warm spring and hot summer coming. Besides, taking into account current various kinds of this product, each one may choose dainties to taste.

Aiming to regulate ice cream production requirement, State Consumer Standard of Ukraine had validated three national ice cream standards in 2007, particularly DSTU (State Standard of Ukraine) 4733:2007 “Milk, cream ice cream, full-cream ice”, DSTU 4734:2007 “Fruit-berry, flavored ice cream, sherbet, fruit ice”, and DSTU 4735:2007 “Ice cream with combined primary product compound”. Standards, mentioned above, inured on January 1, 2008. It is worth to mention that complying with these standards and production matching with their requirements is compulsory for all ice cream producers.

New standards’ consummation arranges ice cream kinds’ specification that orientates consumer, gives him a chance to understand the difference between various ice cream kinds and select product to taste. According to standards, ice cream is classified, depending on fat content. Particularly, fat content in milk ice cream is composing from 0.5 to 7.5 percent, in cream ice cream — from 8 to 11.5 percent, in full-cream ice — from 12 to 20 percent. “The lightest” ice cream is supposed to be fruit-berry, sorbet and fruit ice — they contain no fat. Consequently, milk, cream ice cream and full-cream ice is prepared on milk and processing products, adding all required ingredients during production. Fruit-berry ice cream is prepared on fruit-berry base of primary products, adding sugar syrup; as for the sorbet, it is prepared on the base of sugar syrup, adding flavors and coloring agents. Fruit ice (or frozen juice) is prepared on the base of fruit, berry, tea, coffee, cocoa, coloring agents and flavors. Sherbet — is a fruit-berry ice cream, sorbet or fruit ice that is made with milk, cream ice cream or full-cream ice additives.

According to organoleptic characteristic, ice cream taste and flavor must be pure, typical for this product; its structure must be homogeneous, without sugar, ice or dried milk product parts.

Choosing certain ice cream kind, its package must be taken into account. Besides ice cream name, it should contain name and legal address of the producer, net weight, caloric and nutritional value, list of protein, carbohydrate and fat content per 100 g of product. It should also have batch number, storage conditions and date packing or expiration date.

In the Soviet Union, due to Anastas Ivanovich Mykoyan, who aimed to develop food industry, the ice cream production issue was on the primary place. He fully realized that ice cream is a high-profit product. His hopes were realized because of constant growth of ice cream sales results. First ice cream production unit was built in Moscow, 1932. Plants in Odesa, Sevastopol, Yalta, Poltava followed it. In 1965, fifty two tons of ice cream had been producing in Ukraine only. At present, ice cream plants keep gladding us their delicious production.

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