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Traditional Ukrainian cuisine is famous not only for its pampushky and borscht but also for fragrant potato zrazy with mushrooms. Back in the day, this colourful dish was cooked mainly in Polissya, but now it is popular all over the world. Why? Because it is easy to cook, rich and extremely tasty.

So if you want to thoroughly enjoy your meal, golden brown potato pancakes with mushroom filling would be a great option! And thanks to the frozen button mushrooms by RudTM, which preserve all the benefits of fresh mushrooms, you can enjoy the zrazy not only in the fall season but all year round!

The secret of the perfect filling is in its balanced combination of minced mushrooms with onions, garlic and classic Ukrainian spices.

Before frying, bread zrazy in flour or breadcrumbs. This helps keep the dish juicy inside and achieve a beautiful golden crust on the outside. Do not keep zrazy on heat for long, since almost all the ingredients are already cooked.

Potato Zrazy with Mushroom Filling

Zrazy with mushrooms go well with sour cream, parsley and dill. You can add greens to the filling and use sour cream as a topping for the dish.

Potato zrazySecond courses
Easy Dinner


Sliced button mushrooms by RudTM 400 g
Onions 2
Mashed potatoes 1 kg
Wheat flour 1 tbsp
Vegetable oil for frying
Egg 1
Salt, pepper to taste
Frozen & chilled products mushrooms
Potato Zrazy with Mushroom Filling

Steps to Make It

1. Finely chop the onions and fry them in oil until golden.

2. Add button mushrooms to the onion, salt, pepper and fry until cooked. The filling is ready.

3. Now let us make the dough. Boil potatoes in salted water, mash to a purée. Add egg, flour, pepper and mix the ingredients.

Thoroughly knead the dough to make it suitable for modelling.

4. Make zrazy of potato dough and mushroom filling. Bread in breadcrumbs.

5. Place on a preheated pan and fry in oil over low heat for five minutes on both sides.

Fry until the golden brown crust, remove from the heat and enjoy zrazy while they are hot!

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