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Lazy dumplings are a delicious memory from our childhood. After all, this dish always helped out our parents when they needed to cook a delicious, healthy and quick breakfast. Nowadays, “lazy” cottage cheese dumplings can rarely be found on our tables. However, they are a great option to replace granola or pancakes and surprise our close ones with a new variation of “lazy” dumplings? The lemon zest will give it a kick, and the mint yoghurt sauce will add a touch of freshness. Save this recipe as it will become a favourite on your breakfast menu!

“Lazy” cottage cheese dumplings with yoghurt sauce

Nowadays, “lazy” cottage cheese dumplings can rarely be found on our tables.

Easy Breakfast


RudТМ Cottage Cheese, 9 % 400 g
Flour 1 cup
Egg 1
Sugar 2 tbs
Salt pinch
Lemon zest 3 g
RudТМ Khutorok Selianskyi Butter, 73 % 30 g
For the sauce:
RudTM Salad Yoghurt, 3,2 % 200 g
Powdered sugar 1 ts
Fresh mint 2 twigs
“Lazy” cottage cheese dumplings with yoghurt sauce


Step 1

Mix the cottage cheese with an egg, sugar and salt. Add lemon zest and flour. Knead the dough well until smooth and supple.

Step 2

Cut the dough into four equal pieces. Roll each piece into a long “sausage” and cut it into small, 1 cm thick dumplings. Press each dumpling slightly and roll it in flour.

Step 3

Pour enough water into a pot and bring it to a boil. Cook the dumplings in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. Take them out and put on a serving plate and pour some melted butter over the dumplings.

Step 4

For the sauce, mix the powdered sugar with the yoghurt, add the finely chopped mint. Serve it with warm lazy dumplings. You can also add berries to your breakfast.


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